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About Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the latest and greatest hair loss solution for men and women. If you are experiencing the frustration and limitations of hair loss in Chicago, hair restoration professionals introduce an alternative technique to assist in concealing the patches and receding hairlines that negatively impact your confidence. The best scalp micropigmentation creates such a natural appearance, your friends and family will not be able to tell the difference! With scalp micropigmentation Chicago, communities can benefit from a non-invasive, safe and lasting enhancement without having to rely on prescription pills or intensive maintenance. If you are looking for the ultimate enhancement solution, we provide SMP hair improvements you can trust. 

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Real? 


With the option of SMP hair, you can achieve a natural appeal or any style that you desire. It is important to discuss the look you wish to achieve with your professional SMP hair therapist to ensure you receive the outcome you are looking for. 


The best scalp micropigmentation clinics work with clients in consultation. You will discuss how dense you wish your hair to look, its darkness and overall appearance. Based on these requirements, your therapist can determine which options are best for your needs. 


The Evolution of Scalp Micropigmentation 


The first types of SMP hair was performed in 2008 and has since undergone significant modification in technique, style, needles, pigmentation and outcome. Today, modern SMP hair solutions are considered among the best enhancements for those with thinning to no hair. The advanced technique delivered by our professional services can deliver the best scalp micropigmentation results. Owing to our perfectionist approach and the use of the highest quality inks, we can create a natural appearance that will not fade, turn blue or leave you with an unnatural looking head of hair. Our expert artists apply creative technique for individual enhancements in a range of hairstyles. From a natural full head of regrowth to the application of natural lines along your head, we can transform your lack of hair instantly. 

What is Involved in Scalp Micropigmentation? 


The procedure for SMP hair is conducted by a professional hair restorative therapist. It is includes the application of inks that are implanted into the head to represent a natural hair follicle. Patients may experience a moderate discomfort while being inked especially across the sensitive temples however; numbing creams can be applied to ease the process. The best scalp micropigmentation is not just a series of dots across the head but involves an assessment of unique requirements and the specialized shading of each follicle tattooed onto the head and temples. Consideration for overall contrast and the darkness of the newly applied hairs ensures that a natural appeal is achieved. The best scalp micropigmentation clinics will create an appearance of density for men and for women with thinned hair. Sessions are performed across 2 to 3 treatments to achieve the desired appeal. The sessions can be completed within 1 week of its initiation and healing facilitated in a matter of hours. 

The benefits of Seeking SMP Hair Include: 


  • Concealment of patchy and balding areas

  • Illusion of dense head of hair

  • Coverage even if small patches of natural hair change in shape


With scalp micropigmentation Chicago, patients can expect up to 4 sessions to achieve an all-natural appeal. Clients express restored confidence, appeal and the ability to take on the world. 

About SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation for Men 

A Safe and Effective Solution in the Management of Male Pattern Baldness 


For men's hair loss, receding hairlines and thinning hair the options to conceal the problem are often ineffective or incredible expensive. With hair loss treatment Chicago, patients receive ongoing care and maintenance to prevent infections and support the healthy development of transplanted hair. With scalp micropigmentation Chicago, clients can expect natural enhancement results that are easy to maintain, delivers a natural appeal and does not involve lengthy, complex treatments or recovery. 


Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness has become an increasingly common problem among men. Prominent in individuals from their early twenties to mid sixties, the rapid hair loss can start at any age and cause a patchy appearance, uneven hair lines and recession. We believe that the best scalp micropigmentation procedures can help address and correct the issue of male pattern baldness. This is achieved non-invasively and is highly beneficial for those considering surgery for a hair transplant. 


Although hair transplants can help create a full head of hair, you have to consider the following scenarios: 


  • A lifetime of hair maintenance and care. 

  • Care to prevent the risk of infection. 

  • Constant treatment to ensure transplanted hair upholds. 

  • Potential for future invasive hair surgeries. 

  • Concealing a hair transplant scar. 


There is no need to put up with the issues that could occur after hair transplant surgery. With the option of scalp micropigmentation Chicago, communities can receive the incredible natural looking and maintenance free benefits it can provide. 

SMP for Men

Scalp Micropigmentation for Women 


We Help Develop the Appearance of a Thicker Head of Hair for All Women 


When addressing the best scalp micropigmentation, we understand how difficult it can be for women to seek assistance for female pattern baldness or alopecia. Our attentive and caring professional services provide assistance for all women including black women hair loss. Female hair loss can be attributed to a multitude of factors from menopause to hereditary conditions and telogen effluvium that often occurs following the experience of physical or emotional trauma. 


Effective SMP Hair Solutions for Women 


For women who are experiencing thinning hair and becoming frustrated and depressed because of their appearance, we can help. With the choice of scalp micropigmentation, we can help produce the illusion of thicker hair along the recessed and thinned areas of the head. Research has shown that receiving the best scalp micropigmentation can stimulate natural hair growth. 


The practice of SMP hair is ideal for black women hair loss. Where areas have become thin or bald, we can create pigments that appear as real hair. We incorporate only the finest inks to ensure it provides an enhanced and natural appearance that you will notice and feel confident about. 


We have assisted a large group of women affected by alopecia including those who did not want a hair transplant scar or its ongoing maintenance. Our services have extended to those who have sustained scars on the sides of their faces to create a more natural and improved appeal. This is achieved by covering the scarring with the best scalp micropigmentation by blending and camouflaging the bald or thinned patches. 


Although SMP hair solutions were originally created to address the needs of men, we have specialized and refined our procedure to assist women with hair loss too. Our goal is to help all women who wish to achieve a beautiful and natural appeal with hair enhancements that appear natural and last. We base the best scalp micropigmentation for women on their unique requirements. 

SMP for Women

Scar Solutions and Micropigmentation 

The Scarring Associated with Hair Transplants; How Micropigmentation Can Help 


After hair transplant surgery, there is great risk you will be left with a prominent hair transplant scar. Although the transplant process is effective in creating a full head of hair, the follicles may not take over the scar. If you wish to address your hair transplant scar more effectively, the best scalp micropigmentation could be the answer. 


SMP Hair Solutions are considered the Best Choice to Conceal Hair Transplant Scars 


To assist in the concealment of a hair transplant scar, our professional hair restoration and enhancement experts incorporate the best scalp micropigmentation techniques to address areas of baldness and receding hairlines. An average 30% of men and women seek micropigmentation to conceal the scars caused by a hair transplant. The covering of a hair transplant scar that can be improved with micropigmentation includes: 


  • The FUT Strip Scar 

  • Multiple FUE (dot) scars 


Hair Enhancement for the Specific Hair Transplant Scar


We understand that a hair transplant scar differs from one client to the next. From the tissue health of the skin surrounding the scar to its overall protrusion and the presence of indentation, we consider every aspect before creating an enhancement plan. 


A hair transplant scar will differ in its appearance in size, shape and overall color. Each scar requires a unique approach to provide clients the best enhancement options. We offer the services of a highly expert technician who is familiar in treating the scars that have developed owing to age, accidents and relevant factors. 


FUE Scars 


The best scalp micropigmentation will assist in concealing these small scars along the head. Where restorative or reconstruction surgery is performed, it requires careful technical evaluation before any enhancement can be completed. 



FUT Scars 


These types of scars are more difficult to treat compared to the FUE scarring. This is because the area to treat is not concealed by the transplanted hair. Be sure to trust our educational and aesthetic approach in dealing with those visible and sensitive hair transplant scars. 


With reliance on the best scalp micropigmentation, the future of upper hair scarring looks bright. End results achieved after transplant surgery require an expert approach and evaluation of the type of scar that is left behind. It was from the 60s to the 80s that many men rushed to hair transplant clinics all over the world. The hair transplant scar that has been left behind has left more individuals to seek modern scalp micropigmentation. Today, you can benefit from modern and precision solutions that are affordable and prevent long term recovery problems. 


Micropigmentation Related to Alopecia


What is Alopecia? 


Alopecia is a chronic hair loss ailment that affects men and women. Although it may have a genetic factor, there is no cure for alopecia and its symptoms can occur rather rapidly. 


It develops when the body’s autoimmune response becomes dysfunctional and turns on the hair follicles. Research has shown that stress and anxiety may exacerbate the onset of the disease and its symptoms. An average 1.7% of populations are impacted by alopecia with causes linked to medication and infections. 

Can the Best Scalp Micropigmentation Assist with Alopecia? 


SMP Hair is an Effective and Safe Solution in the Management of alopecia areata, totalis and traction. 


The effects of hair loss owing to alopecia and related hair conditions in men and women can leave individuals with little confidence, social withdrawal and an inability to feel good about their physical appearance. Many individuals experience complete hair loss, patches and the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. 


Many alopecia sufferers undergo costly and painful treatments from steroid injections to the application of lotions and shampoos containing minoxidil. Based on our expertise and SMP hair enhancements, we believe that our technicians can effectively assist those suffering from severe hair loss and related problems. 


What is the Role of SMP Hair and Alopecia? 


Our professional services are provided for men and women with alopecia. We offer advanced SMP hair solutions to camouflage, conceal and create the illusion of a sense head of hair. With our effective scalp micropigmentation Chicago, patients are treated for complete baldness including the areas that have remaining natural hairs. 


Micropigmentation Costs

The overall cost for the SMP hair procedure will depend on the nature of the work, the number of sessions involved, and specific client requests. 


The hair enhancement procedure can range from $2250 up to $7000. You can learn of the overall price for your treatment during your consultation. Call on us to determine your options for financing ensuring you can also afford to experience SMP hair improvements. 


Financing Through Us 


It is our goal to provide all interest SMP hair clients with a hair enhancement procedure that will change their lives. Consider the value it can provide and the transformation you can experience with the best scalp micropigmentation techniques available. 

Cost and Financing
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